Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Kudos to Alex Carpio

Chad Snow and Alex Carpio

Fresh on the heels of his being selected as one of the Hispanic Forty Under Forty Leaders in our community, congratulations to my partner, Alex Carpio, for his victory as General Counsel in one of the most covered court cases in Arizona this year, Ross v. Bennett.  The Ross case was Senate President Russell Pearce's feeble attempt to keep the November 8th Recall election ordered by Governor Brewer from going through.  As soon as the suit was filed, Alex stepped forward to serve as counsel for the Citizens for a Better Arizona committee.  He was later joined by seasoned trial attorney Tom Ryan, who argued the case in oral arguments before Superior Court judge Hugh Hegyi.  Carpio and Ryan had previously filed a Motion to Dismiss the case in its entirety - which motion was granted by Judge Hegyi, who didn't even need to take evidence in the case.  Attorneys for Pearce have already indicated that they will appeal the ruling to the Arizona Supreme Court, which is expected to rule well before the September 23rd deadline for the County Elections department to print the ballots.  Carpio and Ryan are confident that the Supreme Court will reach a similar conclusion in the case, and that the historic election will go forward as scheduled. 

When he's not arguing Supreme Court cases or being an up and coming leader in the Hispanic community, Alex is fast becoming one of Arizona's most well respected Workers Compensation applicant's attorneys.  I'm proud to have him as my law partner and friend. 

Chad T. Snow and X. Alex Carpio are the principal partners in the Arizona Workers Compensation firm of Snow & Carpio, PLC.  The only Arizona workers comp firm with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Chad and Alex can be reached at (602) 532-0700 or (520) 647-9000 or on their website at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley.

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