Wednesday, April 25, 2018


By Chad Snow, Founding Partner/Attorney

A lot of potential clients that we meet with are reluctant to hire an attorney to represent them in their claim because they do not have money to pay their bills, let alone an attorney.  For this reason, most Arizona work comp attorneys are paid by what is called a “contingency fee”.  Simply put, the attorney’s fee is “contingent” upon his securing a certain type of compensation.  If that compensation is not secured, then no fee is paid. 

At Snow, Carpio, and Weekley, almost all of our cases are taken on a “contingency” basis.  A percentage of certain compensation is charged as a fee, with no requirement to pay an up-front retainer. 

On cases that are already accepted, where we will be doing informal advocacy such as changing doctors, assuring the correct payment of compensation, or other administrative tasks, we usually charge a very reduced percentage of any temporary compensation that the injured worker receives, typically 5-10%. 

In cases that require the attorney to go to court and litigate, the fee may be 20-25% of the temporary compensation. 

In cases that results in permanent compensation or settlement, our fee is usually 20-25% depending on the length of the representation and the amount of legal work performed. 

Our firm was built on the realization that our clients’ compensation is sacred to them and needed to help them survive a very difficult time in their lives.  We try and be extremely fair in setting fees for the quality work we do. 

For more information on Workers' Compensation or Social Security Disability, please contact Snow, Carpio & Weekley toll-free at 855-325-4781 or visit our website at We serve the entire State of Arizona and have offices located in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and Lake Havasu City.

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