Wednesday, April 11, 2018


By Chad Snow, Founding Partner/Attorney

There is a saying that “you might not be interested in politics, but politics is sure interested in you.”  

I’m often surprised at how many of my friends, even those with advanced educations, have very little idea what goes on in our local political scene and its effect on their lives.  I’ve written in past blog posts about the current makeup of the industrial commission and how that has negatively affected the rights of injured workers in Arizona.  It is important to know that the commissioners are appointed by the governor, who is currently Doug Ducey.  Mr. Ducey has prided himself as a champion of business.  However, at least as it involves the workers compensation field, this has come at the expense of injured workers. 

The commission has supported a host of initiatives in the last two years that all chip away at the rights one has when injured on the job.  these include the limiting of the treating physician’s right to determine appropriate medical care, the reduction of fees that doctors are paid to treat injured workers (thus reducing the number of doctors that will treat work injuries), and the allowance of insurance carriers to fully and finally settle workers compensation cases (more on that in a separate post).

All of these moves, and several others, have been pushed through by a republican controlled legislature that often does not have the interests of working class Arizonans on their minds.  No matter what your politics otherwise, if you are a worker in the state of Arizona, or have already suffered an on the job injury, pay attention to who you vote for local offices and their positions on matters affecting workers. 

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