Monday, July 4, 2016

Can I apply for SSD if I am not a citizen?

Can I apply for SSD if I am not a citizen?
By Nicholas Wearne, Attorney
Social Security Department
Snow, Carpio & Weekley

If you are a documented permanent resident and have worked 5 of the last ten years in the United States at a job where you have paid taxes then you will likely have enough credits to apply for social security disability.  If you are undocumented the unfortunate truth is you cannot apply for social security benefits regardless of how many years you have worked in the United States.

Si estas aqui en los Estados Unidos como un residente permanente y has trabajado un minimo de 5 anos en un trabajo donde pagas impuetos, debes de tener lo credito suficiente para aplicar para seguro social.  Desafortunadamente, si estas aqui en los estados unidos y no estas documentado, no puedes aplicar por seguro social irrespectivo de los anos que has trabajado aqui en los Estados Unidos.

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