Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Can I still get benefits if I am an undocumented worker?

Can I still get benefits if I am an undocumented worker?
by Attorney Diana Robles

Absolutely!  Immigration status of a worker is not a factor for Workers’ Compensation benefits in Arizona.  In fact, Arizona laws expressly cover undocumented workers in its workers compensation statutes.  The Arizona Workers Compensation Act defines covered employees as “every person in the service of an employer … including aliens and minors legally or illegally permitted to work for hire …” A.R.S. 23-901(6)(b).  There is no reduction of benefits for not being a legal resident.

The Arizona workers compensation system is a no fault system, which entitles the injured worker to necessary medical treatment, in addition to 66 2/3 of their average monthly wage, when they can’t work because of their injury.  It is very important to report the injury to the employer promptly when you are injured.

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  1. Is this the law in most states, or is it unique to Arizona? I have a cousin that was recently hurt working construction in a different state. He is doing okay, but he can't pay the medical bills. We are worried about asking his boss about it because is undocumented.