Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When Will the Industrial Commission of Arizona Enter the 21st Century?

When Will the Industrial Commission of Arizona
Enter the 21st Century?

An attorney friend of mine who practices in a different area of law asked me why our files are so thick and why we hadn't gone paperless like so many other law firms.  I answered that the problem is the Industrial Commission of Arizona is perpetually stuck in the 1970’s.  The Commission doesn't allow for electronic submission of claims.  We can’t submit evidence to the judges by e-filing – a practice that is MANDATORY in many other courts.  Everything must be submitted in paper form.  Some judges have moved into the 1990’s and will accept a FAX copy of a document as a submission.  I asked a judge why they don’t have e-mail and was told that the Commission has just convened a study group on how they could best implement E-MAIL! 

I’m assuming that by the time they actually get around to using e-mail, the rest of the world will have moved on to some other more advanced form of communication.  So hey, ICA – welcome to the 2000’s now that they’re over! 

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