Friday, October 14, 2011

Workers' Comp. Tip of the Day

To anyone bringing in significant income from tips, commissions, or bonuses,
in the event that you are one day injured and have to pursue a workers' comp case!

You see, many times servers and bartenders and other workers who bring in significant income from tips end up experiencing improper wage calculations and mis-calculations of benefits owed when in pursuit of workers' comp cases. The same is true for workers who work off commissions or receive large bonuses.

This is another reason why it pays to have a workers' comp attorney helping you with your case – we see these situations often and can help you maximize your benefits. The insuracne carriers would love to pay your benefits at a lower rate but why not get what you are truly entitled to?

Chad T. Snow is a workers compensation attorney in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. He can be reached at his offices at (602) 532-0700, (520) 647-9000 or at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley.

In the absence of Chad Snow, blog posted by: April Lang-Snow, Business Manager @ Snow and Carpio, PLC

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