Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to Expect at My "Free Consultation"

Many attorneys offer what we call a "Free Consultation".  It sounds a little suspect but is really one of the great bargains in the law business.  Can you imagine a doctor meeting with you for 1/2 an hour, listening to your complaints, giving you a diagnosis, and telling you what treatment you need - FOR NOTHING?  It sounds ridiculous.  Even plumbers and mechanics charge a "diagnosis fee".  But us lawyers are better people! 

A free consultation is just that - a consultation with an attorney to get a brief review of your case at no charge.  In our office, it usually means a brief meeting with our intake paralegal Martha, to get basic information about the claim, followed by a 15-20 minute chat with one of the attorneys.  Martha has over 30 years experience in the Arizona workers comp field so she's a good person to talk to.  If we feel like you have a matter that requires an attorney, and if you want to hire us, you can retain us at that time.  Oftentimes, in cases that don't require attorney representation, we simply give you free legal advice about red flags to look out for in your case and other useful information.  These would be things like how much temporary compensation you're entitled to, if you will get a "settlement" of your claim, your right to choose your own treating doctor, and other benefits you may be entitled to. 

So don't be afraid - whether your legal problem is in the area of Arizona workers (workmans) compensation or another area, take advantage of the free consultation.  Heck, get two or three of them if you want!  They're free!!!

Chad T. Snow is a lawyer in Arizona practicing exclusively workers compensation.  He has offices in Phoenix and Tucson where he and his associates at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley can be reached.

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